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H5O finale
dan feuerriegel
Okay. Not even sure what to say. Hated the entire Danny/Rachel ~let's get back together and go back to Jersey~ thing. Moral compass Danny no longer points true north for the H5O team. :( really, Danno?? Adultery and unprotected sex?? Add in uprooting Grace at the drop of a hat. Yeah, not feeling too happy with Detective Williams at the moment.

Chin joining back up with HPD has to be only so someone's on the inside and can help fix this whole mess, right?? He would never abandon 'family' so easily. He's proven that this whole season and if they backtrack on Chin's character as well as Danny's.......

Wo Fat setting all this up and executing it thru the Governor (and others) is just brilliant. And Mark Dacascos plays evil so well. :) Gonna miss Jean Smart, though.

So how many episodes will it take to "fix this" next season? And 5-O was the Governor's baby, so where does that leave the team when all is said and done, anyway?

Season finales, man.


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